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Advertising Power

The more people who advertise on CooCoo, the greater our advertising power becomes with Google, and in turn the more exposure we provide for our suppliers.

We take a percentage of each clients monthly payments (where relative), and contribute this amount collectively towards Adwords, and other online marketing campaigns. Once we have our targeted amount of suppliers per category, we can guarantee one of the top 3 spots in Google for that category. This essentially means that there will be no competition for your company, except the suppliers in your category. We also use banner advertising to promote the CooCoo website on multiple websites, which drives traffic and Buyers to our site. We also promote the CooCoo website on hundreds of directories and we have extensive marketing campaigns going out on a monthly basis to get new buyers every month. An advertising campaign of such magnitude costs tens of thousands of Rands each month, and not one company could afford to do this, and this is why you are charged a 5% service fee per product sold each month, so that we can promote your products on your behalf.

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